Medicine in Social Media

Who stands behind Webicina?

Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD, a medical futurist, graduated from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science Center in 2009 with Weszprémy Award; and received PhD in clinical genomics in 2012. He has been running the multiple award-winning medical blog, Scienceroll, since November, 2007, and had over 4 million hits. He thinks medical education and communication between physicians and patients will be revolutionized with the tools and services of social media.

He is a medical blogger, a microblogger, a manager of medical projects in Wikipedia and an organizer of scientific events in Second Life. He launched the first university elective course in the world that focuses on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students. He has given over 300 presentations from the Yale, Stanford and Harvard University to the centre of the World Health Organization; and is a health 2.0 consultant for pharma and medical technology companies.

He was included in the Healthspottr Future Health 100 List and presented Webicina at the New York Stock Exchange in 2011 as a member of the Kairos Society.

He thinks medical professionals of the 21st century have to be ready to meet the expectations of e-patients and e-patients will change the way medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered.

He is a member of Mensa International; and an External advisor at Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

His TEDxNijmegen talk about What if Dr House used Twitter.