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December 13, 2008    Posted in Webicina, Announcement
Webicina is always ready and open to partner with communities and organizations providing expertise on medical conditions or medical specialties. Please let us know if you are interested in working together for a better healthcare.
  • CareFlash: CareFlash assists in addressing fear and anxiety surrounding healthcare circumstances by delivering unprecedented, world-class, advocacy and education. CareFlash provides a common place on the Internet, to and from which people may submit, retrieve and share information and well-wishes surrounding a loved one's health circumstances. In the respective context of each community, we serve-up hundreds of 3-D healthcare animations on disorders, procedures and anatomical function, all produced with world-class quality and accuracy, and narrated in plain language. The animations are also available in Spanish and Arabic with more languages to come in 2008.
  • CureTogether: CureTogether is a place where patients and researchers work together, doing open research to find cures. Patients can start feeling better today by connecting, sharing resources, and tracking their health. It’s as private as you want it to be, it’s free, and the aggregate data is open so researchers around the world can collaborate on it. Together we can make discoveries and work toward ending suffering for millions of people living with chronic conditions.
Follow this page to see who we co-operate with.
Dr Mesko Bertalan


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