Win Grand Prizes by Sharing Your Own Social Media Story in Health or Medicine!

November 02, 2011    Posted in Webicina, Announcement, Campaign
There is a new social campaign being launched right now on that curates the medical resources of social media in 80 topics in 18 languages:
We receive hundreds of suggestions from empowered patients and medical professionals every week about which social media resources should be included in our selections, and we thought we must find a way to let them know how much we appreciate their help. So now we kindly ask you to tell us your story about how social media helped you improve your health management or helped you get better in your specialty in order to win grand prizes. As we curate resources in basically all the social media platforms, you can tell your story in any platforms from Twitter and Facebook to blogs and Youtube. Your submissions will be reviewed by an expert jury, members of the Webicina Advisory Board. The very best of these stories will get great publicity.
Here are the details: Who can enter the competition: Anyone who tells their story between the 2nd of November, 2011 and the 30th of November, 2011 about how social media helped them manage their health as a patient or run their professional life better as a medical professional. The more inspiring and engaging the story is, the bigger the chance is for winning the grand prizes! We curate all kinds of social media platforms so we welcome submissions from any of these platforms with such conditions:
  • A Twitter message or stream of messages using the #Webicina hashtag.
  • A Youtube video using the Webicina tag.
  • A Vimeo video using the Webicina tag.
  • A Facebook status update or stream of status updates using the @Webicina tag.
  • A blog entry in which a link to is included.
  • A message or stream of messages using the #Webicina hashtag.
  • A slideshow using the Webicina tag.
  • If you wish to use a different platform, please ask us for advice!
Such stories (link to either the Twitter message, slideshow or blog entry, etc.) should be submitted to! Please note that stories, slideshows and videos published only after the 2nd of November, 2011 but before the 30th of November, 2011 can join the competition! Prizes 1) The winner gets a brand new, Lenovo® Multi-Touch m90z ThinkCentre, an all-in-one powerful computer with a 23” full HD monitor that Lenovo designed for professional use with medical applications in mind. 2) The second place earns an amazingly thin and light iPad 2. 3) The third place leads to an Amazon Kindle Fire, the newest model of the world's bestselling e-reader: The best 20 submissions based on the jury's ranking will receive a Webicina T-shirt (either an e-patient or a web-savvy physician format). Denise Silber, organizer of the fantastic Doctors 2.0 and You event, generously offered a special prize for an applicant who can tell their story at the upcoming Doctors 2.0 and You conference in Paris in 2012. Denise would cover the winner's registration for the conference and two nights at their Paris hotel. It means the winner of this special prize could present his/her story at the conference! What is the timeline of the competition? Nominations will be accepted until 23:59:59 Wednesday, November 30, 2011 (EST). Winners along with the most inspiring stories will be announced on the 12th of December! Who will review the submissions and create the final list? Members of the jury, will assign scores to each submission - based on the quality, length and originality of the story and also how inspiring or engaging it was - which will result in a final ranking of stories. Get ready and start sharing your story now! We look forward to receiving more and more submissions!
Dr Mesko Bertalan


The blog is written by Dr. Bertalan Mesko, founder and managing director of Webicina.

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