Launching The Brand New Webicina Soon!

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For over 6 months, we have been working on redesigning and rethinking how our curated social media resources are displayed on the site as our plan is to make the content more engaging and even more interactive. Therefore it is a pleasure to announce that we will launch the brand new with completely new features this June. Stay tuned and we hope you are as excited as we are.

The Year 2013 for

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We worked hard in 2013 as well to curate more and more medical social media resources in many topics and languages therefore empowered patients and medical professionals can access them for free. 25 new curated collections were created, 40 new topics were added to the PeRSSonalized Medicine information aggregator, as well as 3 new language versions We got featured by FutureMed and won the "Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award" organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce! Please feel free to share them and follow our Facebook page for daily news about the intersection between social media and medicine! Happy New Year! Best regards, Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD Managing director and founder | E-mail | Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn

Medicine Must Get Social: InformationWeek Features Webicina

David F. Carr at InformationWeek asked me for an interview and he had great questions about my social media activities as a doctor, the book I wrote, my new position as a medical futurist and the course I teach at the medical school and online. Webicina is featured many times in the story! Here is the interview, Medicine Must Get Social, and an excerpt:
That's what Bertalan Mesko aims to do with The Social MEDia Course, a series of online tutorials, as well as his book Social Media in Clinical Practice, published in August. As he argues in the book, "The only way to fight against pseudoscience and medical quackery is to take control of publishing medical information on the Web." Doctors need to be on social media to develop and protect their own reputations, as well as to understand the resources available and how they can be used or misused, he says. His book catalogs many types of social media and gives specific advice, such as a recommendation to turn down patient "friend" requests on Facebook unless that social profile is used solely for professional rather than personal interaction.
Dr Mesko Bertalan


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