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Coeliac Disease in Social Media

Relevant, selected and quality social media resources from blogs and podcasts to community sites and Twitter users focusing on Coeliac Disease.

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Coeliac Disease in Social Media

Relevant, selected and quality social media resources from blogs and podcasts to community sites and Twitter users focusing on Coeliac Disease.

News and Information on Coeliac Disease

There are more and more resource collections and networks including Web MD or Medical News Today focusing on Coeliac Disease. Here are the best and also basic repositories of Coeliac Disease-related information.

Coeliac Disease in the Blogosphere

When it comes to Coeliac Disease blogs, you will find hundreds of blogs containing spams and uncontrolled advertisements. Here we collected only the best blogs that have been providing quality information for a long time.

Coeliac Disease-related Podcasts and Interviews

Patients like listening to quality interviews about Coeliac Disease rather than reading such articles. We collected both the active and inactive podcasts.

Coeliac Disease-related Community sites, Facebook groups and Forums

If you do a search for "Coeliac Disease community" in Google, you will find thousands of sites just like similar Facebook groups, but the majority of them have no relevance. On Webicina, we feature only the best Facebook groups, applications, community sites and networks.

Microblogging: Twitter and Friendfeed in Coeliac Disease

Sometimes it is easier to share messages and interesting links dedicated to Coeliac Disease than writing blog entries or longer articles. Through microblogging, you can access relevant content in just seconds but only if you follow Twitter accounts of medical professional and empowered patients, patient communities, book authors who write about Coeliac Disease.

Coeliac Disease Wikis

Wikipedia and medical wikis where only medical professionals can edit entries provide great content devoted to Coeliac Disease.

Coeliac Disease Videos, animations and videocasts

There are some useful video channels in Coeliac Disease, but finding the best resources is really hard. We have not only collected the most informative video channels but also interviews and animations.

Mobile Applications in Coeliac Disease

Accessing relevant health information on our mobile phones is crucial. We make it easy for you to find Coeliac Disease-related mobile apps.

Medical Search Engines in Coeliac Disease

Google, Bing or Yahoo searches show you any kind of content from spams to advertisements. If you need only medically relevant information on Coeliac Disease, here are medical search engines that search in selected content.

Slideshows about Coeliac Disease

Healthcare professionals and empowered patients upload interesting slideshows focusing on Coeliac Disease treatment and practical pieces of advice. We collected the most informative presentations for you.