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PeRSSonalized Medicine is the simplest, free, customizable, multi-lingual aggregator of quality medical resources in social media. Please let us know if you have suggestions and watch the tutorial.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PeRSSonalized Medicine

  • What is PeRSSonalized Medicine?

Being up-to-date is crucial for medical professionals and patients, but it takes time and effort. Sitting in a library with a few medical papers is not a proper solution any more. Learning to use an RSS reader is not that easy for those who don't spend much time online.

PeRSSonalized Medicine is an easy-to-use, free medical information tracking tool that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles about a medical specialty or a medical condition in one personalized place.

  • Who can use it?

Anyone can use it for free.

  • Do I have to register?

You can use it for free and without registering on Webicina. But if you're a registered user, your settings will certainly be saved properly.

  • Is it hard to use?

It is the easiest medical information tracking tool. You don't have to know what RSS is about. Just select your favourite resources and create your own personalized place.

  • How can I personalize it?

Click on "Personalize It" to select the resources you don't want to follow so you can hide them.

  • What can I do if I would like to add a new quality resource?

As always, we are open to suggestions so please let us know which resources should be added to the database.

  • Can I follow Pubmed search queries?

You can personalize it by adding the newest Pubmed articles focusing on your search term. Just insert your field of interest, a therapy, a condition, etc. and click Search. Then you can add the newly created box to your personalized "journal".

  • What kind of resources can I follow?

The best medical journals, blogs, news sites, Twitter users, Youtube channel, slideshows, Friendfeed rooms or tags, etc. focusing on one medical specialty or medical condition.

  • Can I read medical news in other languages?

Yes, you can read the latest entries of the best medical resources in several languages and even more languages to come. If you would like to see PeRSSonalized Medicine in your language, please let us know.