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Recent items - eHealth

Research ShowCASE
23/04/2014 09:02
Case Western Reserve University has an annual research day called Research ShowCase. I was privileged to be on the Program Board, chaired by Pete Zimmerman, Ph.D. Being both a former poster presenter and an Case alumni, made the event more [...]
New Publication: Chronic Kidney Disease in an Electronic Health Record Problem List
02/04/2014 19:44
Full title is, “Chronic Kidney Disease in an Electronic Health Record Problem List: Quality of Care, ESRD, and Mortality” published in the American Journal of Nephrology. It has implications for CKD but other chronic conditions [...]
Two Book Chapters Published
04/03/2014 06:59
  Last week I had two book chapters published. First, a new social media book published by HIMSS titled Applying Social Media Technologies in Healthcare Environments edited by  Christina Thielst, an early adopter of blogging in Health [...]
Year in Review – SlideShare and Delicious
16/01/2014 08:45
Two automated reports I came across thanks to the Twitterati. First is SlideShare personalized year in review shows a definite peak in November after I uploaded two presentations I made in Houston on Social Media Intro and Social Media in H [...]
2013 Year in Review
31/12/2013 20:27
It’s been another year of achievement and learning. It would have been difficult a year ago to predict how my professional life would change. My first trip mixed pleasure and work. Being in Salt Lake City, I agreed to speak to the Uta [...]
Social Media in Healthcare Quality
01/11/2013 22:56
Today I presented at the Texas Gulf Coast Association for Healthcare Quality on social media in healthcare. Slides are posted on my Slideshare. The video, Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care is below Quality professionals in healt [...]
Clinical Analytics – Teaching and Learning
05/09/2013 18:17
Recently I had a blog posted on “Teaching Clinical Informatics” on the HIMSS Clinical and Business Intelligence blog. It is a topic that has not received enough attention in HIT but it is the logical next step as more hospitals, [...]
Glass in Medicine – Why There is Promise
19/08/2013 17:55
In an interview on GlassStories, Kyle Samani gives the most cogent discussion of the pros and cons of Glass. He emphasizes that there is a cost to glass – not just financial but the fact that you have to wear them all the time while y [...]
Global Center for Health Innovation
16/08/2013 08:12
Got to visit this new new center in downtown Cleveland last Friday. Great space to demo new health IT – sponsors committed, space still being built out. See my post on Health IT Link, a new place to follow my content.
Update on the Internet of Things and Google Glass
29/07/2013 20:10
Since there already is a convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable computing like Glass, I am combining updates on these. Recently I came across, a platform of IoT but includes data from humans as part of their open pl [...]
The Internet of Things Creeps into Healthcare
20/07/2013 05:53
This post originally appeared on Health Works Collective. One of the hottest trends in technology today is the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT was recently featured on the cover of Wired magazine for an article titled, “Awake: Welcome to the [...]
Further Thoughts on Google Glass
11/07/2013 04:53
Here are some major advantages: hands free browsing and video/photos lightweight and minimally intrusive can look at someone while browsing or during a hangout rather than looking down at a cell phone many possibilities for uses in healthca [...]
Google Glass – Day 3 – Future Applications for Healthcare
10/07/2013 05:10
On day 3, I brought Glass to work and introduced it to my staff and others at the hospital. Unfortunately, I could not connect to the internet thru Glass. The private wireless network did not allow a connection from the device and the publi [...]
Google Glass – Day 2
09/07/2013 19:30
Day 2 was spent at home trying it out on my home network and showing it to neighbors. I was becoming more comfortable with using and wearing it. The hands-free aspect of Glass does have a freeing sense. Sunday I discovered that a flood of N [...]
Google Glass – Day 1
08/07/2013 05:37
Today I went to Google New York to pick up Google Glass. I arrived at Chelsea Market in southern Manhattan. On the 8th floor is the headquarters for Glass on the east coast. We were issued guest tags The setting is loft-like with a small ba [...]
Healthcare IT professionals you should follow on Twitter
13/06/2013 08:40
There are actually many people to follow in this category but I was privileged to be first on this list by MedCityNews last week. Also, it put me in some good company, most of whom I already follow, such as, @jhalamka and the infamous @hist [...]
Big Data and Data Sharing – Going Places?
13/06/2013 08:40
Several recent publications have focused on big data and data sharing in healthcare for secondary use of EMR data. First, the American Society of Clinical Oncology announced CancerLinQ. CancerLinQ is a proof of concept project which demonst [...]
Jack Dorsey on Innovation and Life
13/06/2013 08:40
Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, spoke at Cleveland Clinic last night. Certainly a humble guy but also highly focused on using technology to solve problems. Here is the twitter stream from the presentation. Also, check out thi [...]
Understand IBM Watson – Bring Artificial Intelligence to Clinical Decision Support
13/06/2013 08:40
IBM Watson is going to medical school at Cleveland Clinic. What Watson has to bring to medicine is the potential for advanced clinical decision support. Specifically algorithm-based, Bayesian decision analysis, rule based and expert systems [...]
Data Mining, Algorithm Medicine and Skeptics
13/06/2013 08:40
My recent Perspective on iHealthbeat focused on the uses of data mining of EMR data which are yet to be fully exploited. My thoughts were provoked by a New York Times article titled, Mining Electronic Records for Revealing Health Data.  Alt [...]
Many Predictions but Which Hit the Mark?
13/06/2013 08:40
I was happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the iHealthbeat titled “11 Experts on Health IT Progress, Frustrations and Hopes for 2013″ with some very good company. I noted the growth of EMR adoption and mHealth. But I n [...]
Personal Year in Review
13/06/2013 08:40
2012 may go down as a most traveled year for me both in terms of the number of trips and miles traveled but also in terms of new opportunities. In January, I gave a lecture to the 3rd year medical students at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Col [...]
The Learning Healthcare System and Order Sets
13/06/2013 08:40
One of the most powerful concepts in changing healthcare is the Learning Healthcare System explained in most detail in this Institute of Medicine report. The concept of using evidence from research to rapidly into practice in a virtuous cyc [...]
Data Mining as an Essential Informatics Skill Set
13/06/2013 08:40
Clinical Integrated Data Repositories are now become common at academic medical centers. With tools like i2b2 and RemedyMD, plus a broad range of analytic tools, access to large volumes of clinical data for research and population managemen [...]
Games for Health Europe
13/06/2013 08:40
Lucien Engelen of the Radboud ReShape Innovation Center in the Netherlands, had an extensive interview at this innovative conference. In this interview he discusses how his center at Radboud Medical Center will have have a game consultant v [...]
26/03/2013 12:08
John W. Sharp on eHealth and Health IT